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American Society of Mechanical Engineers
North West Houston Sub Section


Welcome to the website of the North West Houston Sub Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International (ASME), the Internet resource of choice for Mechanical Engineers in the North West Harris County & Houston area.

Please visit our Face Book Page for Program Updates.

ASME NWHSS on Face Book

And request to be added to our regular email announcement for the monthly meetings. Send Wendy Davis an email request.

Upcoming Programs

We meet on fourth Thursday of the month for lunch unless noted.
2014 Meetings

TBA so be sure to sign up for email notices!

Your suggestions and assistance are welcome. Contact Julian Bedoya

Executive Committee for Northwest Houston Sub Section

The officers for the 2014 operating year for the Northwest Houston Sub Section of ASME are:

Chair: Dr. Rafik Boubenider, P.E.

Vice-Chair: Jackie Smith, P.E.

Secretary: Ramon San Pedro, P.E.

Treasurer and Webmaster: Richard Boswell, P.E.

Arrangements: Wendy Davis

Programs : Julian Bedoya, P.E.

Student Relations : Dr. Ed Marotta (GE Oil & Gas)

Unless noted, all may be reached at SES 281-955-2900.

Notes about this Website
Please send all feedback/correction/omission/suggestions to nwhss webmaster .

All Officers and Members are requested to submit content.

Please send nwhss webmaster email with attached files in Word or text to include on this site.


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The mission of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of our members, and through quality programs and activities in mechanical engineering, better enable its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind.